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The Legendary Adu Deme Is back with a brand new single titled “Gimbiya”.

Adu Deme is a legendary singer of the R&B genre who entered into the Nigerian music industry as far back as the late 80.s and the early 90s.
He was based in the beautiful city of Jos, Plateau state and totally mesmerized Nigerians with his melodious singing and beautiful rhythm.
He is well known for his hits like “You are the best” “Yarinya” and “tell me your request”.
Many fans back then in Nigeria often wondered after listening to hits like “You are the best” they often wondered if this was another great soul singer from the US because undoubtedly, his sounds were great classics that could compete with any R&B song on a global platform like the grammy.
Without controversy, Adu Deme touched many lives with his music as sounds from this great singer went far and wide and beyond the shores of Nigeria.
Gimbiya is his latest track, download and share.

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