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Nigerian Rapper Decious Unveils Electrifying Gospel Hip Hop Anthem: “Make Jesus Attractive,” Featuring Emay J, Rap Reverend, and Jay Pulse Nabinta

Experience a divine fusion of hip hop beats and gospel inspiration as Nigerian rap sensation Decious, in collaboration with renowned artists Emay J, Rap Reverend, and Jay Pulse Nabinta, drops their highly anticipated single, “Make Jesus Attractive.” This groundbreaking track aims to redefine the perception of gospel music and spread the message of love, hope, and faith to a wider audience.

Make Jesus Attractive” transcends traditional musical boundaries, encompassing powerful lyrics, catchy melodies, and dynamic performances that will captivate audiences worldwide. The song revolves around the theme of making Jesus’ message of compassion, forgiveness, and redemption more appealing to contemporary listeners, bringing a fresh perspective to gospel hip hop.

Decious, known for his exceptional artistry and profound spirituality, leads the charge in this collaborative effort. His soul-stirring verses, combined with the unparalleled talents of Emay J, Rap Reverend, and Jay Pulse Nabinta, form a musical synergy that promises to uplift souls and ignite a renewed passion for faith.

A RAVEHILL music production, “Make Jesus Attractive” is nothing short of exceptional. Fusing contemporary hip hop elements with soulful gospel melodies, the track sets a new standard for gospel hip hop compositions. It is a testament to the artists’ commitment to crafting a song that not only entertains but also serves as an instrument of spiritual awakening.

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About Decious: Decious is a visionary Nigerian rapper and songwriter known for his distinctive blend of hip hop and gospel music. With a commitment to spreading positive messages through his music, Decious continues to inspire and touch the lives of fans worldwide.

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