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This sound ‘we ascend’ came during one of our prayer press moments in 2016. God said Aliyah, which means to ascend. We ascended via new sounds & chants.

God is summoning because there are realms yet unseen, dimensions yet to be revealed. Heaven has an agenda that can only be fulfilled in the earth by men whose permanent residence is in God. Come up hither ,(Aliyah). That’s the cry in the spirit. Soar on the wings of this sound and ascend to ‘The place’ exclusively preserved for his sons.

Download We Ascend by Bernice ft Bapshang, Jerry Wazhi, & Polite T

We Ascend : Bernice ft Bapshang, Jerry Wazhi, & Polite T



Yeyeye iyeyeye iyeiyeiyeiyeiyeiye

Yeyeye yeyeyeye

Yeyeye iyeiyeiye

1.We ascend 2x to the place you have summoned, we ascend3x

We ascend 2x

to the place you have called us we ascend3x

We ascend with chants, we ascend with dance we ascend with songs of the spirit.

2. The voice of the Spirit of God is crying, come up hither. There are Thrones to occupy, mantles to be taken, sceptres of authority to be given. Take us to the place of your dwelling, to the place of deep fellowship. We break camp and advance, so we can manifest, manifest as sons of light.

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