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Favour EB is a phenomenal woman- whose music career is inspired by God and motivated by her ministry and life experiences. Her songs are a description of either God’s love, mercy and goodness or about man’s cruelty, hatred and limitation, etcetera etcetera. She majorly revolves her melody around God’s Divinity and the Humanity of man as capital angle of approach.

The music minister have so far released a song in January, 2021 after successfully undergoing three major operations in the theatre titled; “IKON ALLAH”. And today, she is out with a new one- “The Power Of God”. Same title (Different languages) with the first one, but different songs entirely. This particular song talks about hope and solace in the almightiness of God. Far from the dreadfulness of God’s ultimate ultimatum, there is love, hope and saving grace.

Kindly click on the link below to download song:



We have done our best to provide you with the lyrics of the song as well_


The Power Of God
The power of God
The power of God is here to save….
Aka Akaya
[The hand of God]
The Oba etobi
[The king of the world]
Mai taimako, mai iko
[The helper, the all powerful]
Ebenizer, Ebenizer, Ebenizer
The one we love


You know we know who you are_
The Father of the light-
Creator of the world!
We know you know who we are;
The children of the light_
Creation of the Lord!
We have heard of all the things you’ve done before-
Can you come around and do those things again?


Dide Onishe Iyanu
(Arise miracle worker)

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