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Talent music minister Anthonia Otori Nche release her latest single titled “I can’t forget”

A Song testifying to God’s faithfulness as she celebrate the fourth decade of her existence
She’s  from Kogi State and based in Jos, happily  married to Mr Emmanuel Nche, and their union is blessed with Purity, Nora and Providence.


Here’s the lyrics


Looking back…
Through all the many year
How you saw me through
Your grace they’re so amazing Lord!

Oh I can’t forget
The many love you showered me
How you molded me
See how far you’ve brought me now

I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget…

I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget…

Your promises(your promises)
Being fulfilled all through my life
Time has thought me
That I can always depend on you

The very grace
I need to carry on
Lord I find in you
I know you are dependable..

I can’t forget…Oh your amazing grace
I can’t forget…your constant love
I can’t forget…your faithfulness
I can’t forget..oh i can’t forget
I can’t forget…that you are dependable
I can’t you lifted me
I can’t forget…oh i won’t forget
I can’t forget…

I can cast
All of my cares on you
For you care for me
And you will never ever let me go….oooo

I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget
I can’t forget….

Lord your constant love reaches the heavens
Your faithfulness extends to the skies
Your rigteousness is towering like the mountains, your justice is like the depth of the sea… and animals are in your care.


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