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Starting a new year comes with a lot of expectations and anxiety especially for a
creative brain that works and walks round the clock. When people start the new
year, new me! New year better things! New year greater me! New year new
growth and we’ll, you name them.
Here are ways you can cut down the anxiety of a new year and boost your
confidence for a coming year as a poet or a brance from the tree of poetree

1. Be grateful to the God of creativity:

I do not know what you believe In but one thing I am sure of is the fact that you
believe that there is a supreme being somewhere that blessed you with the gift of
poetry. So, the first thing to do is to appreciate God for the gift if creativity and
allowing you drink from this cup. Thank him for showing you how to communicate
in the best of way. Life is spiritual so you may want to step into a new year
spiritually clothed and command the Energies of the universe to work for your

2.Take a review of the current year
Pay attention to the progress made, the weaknesses, the losses and the strength.
Take a look at it all, write if need be, the pieces written, the pains felt, the
ovations and applauses, album and pieces released, greatest and worst
performance, the list goes on and on and on.
One beautiful thing about this is that you may realize that you actually made big
feet and you probably didn’t take note of. So strengthen your weaknesses, perfect
the progress and we’ll you may even find out that you don’t have to change
anything in the new year but! You only need to perfect a lot. So, take that review

3. Write a piece on what the coming year should be for you.

Here, you will have to be wordy, write your coming year poetically. Play around
with the goals for the coming year just like you play around with your words. Do
you do comic poetry? Well write your goals for the coming year comically, do you
do romance? Write the Date’s to the Beatrice of your coming year. Whatever it
is…. Write the coming year’s goals as you would a topic set for performance.
This way you get to explore lighter ways of achieving your goals as your
imagination will open way for logic.

4. The 12am Ritual:

Recite or Read the poem written from above at 12am to
cross over to a new year.
The 12am ritual is the most exciting part of crossing over to the new year for a
poet. The poem you have written about your goals for the coming year is a
perfect declaration for the new year. You can begin before 12am but do ensure
that you are reciting or reading your piece when the calendar date changes.
Do this as though you are performing to an audience and we'll the days in the
coming year, January to December are your audience so, declare your goals for
their listening and commitment

5. Happy new year.
Well, not a trick but wishes of a prosperous new year to you the poet and to your
craft, your art and your belief. Cheers to POETry

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