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“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us on this trip? It’s going to be fun filled ooo” Miriam asked.

“Nah, I’d pass, I have to finish my project this weekend. I have to sort and deliver clients orders too” I replied with a smiley face. She gave me that “I’d miss you” look and I made her feel better with a warm tight hug.


“I actually looked forward to spending this weekend with you. I mean, it was all your idea after all. You, I and Dee were supposed to spend this weekend together with our friends as this will be I and Dee’s last weekend as singles” She sighed. “I would not be this bothered if I will be here after the wedding but you know we are leaving the country two days after the wedding”


“No no no, I won’t let you ruin this beautiful moments with your agonizing words. I’d rather, you give me a hug and say goodbye with a smile on your face. We’d spend time together till you leave joor. No be me be Chief brides maid again? I’d accompany you to the airport after and even while you are gone, we’d chat, we’d Skype and do everything we can till we see again”


“Oya oya oya get your pretty behind into that car. Don’t let Mr Handsome keep waiting. He’s pressed that horn a million times already. Don’t forget to have fun. Send me pictures and videos. They’ll make me feel closer to you” I said, turning her away to go meet Dee. He’s been waiting.


Dee started the engine and my eyes were fixed on one occupant of that car. I just can’t believe they were getting married and leaving me in this rotten place all alone.


I wished but one thing at that moment, that she saw through my eyes. That I was pained of the fact that I couldn’t tell her walking into that car meant walking to her death. I wish she could see that I was pained because I can’t tell her that the brakes of that car were tampared with.


That someone had planned their That she will never see me again. That it was all ochestrated by someone. Someone who has been having an affair with her fiance for years. Someone who has shared her man for years. Someone who could not accept not having him warm her bed anymore. Someone who’d rather see them die in that car today.


Someone who planned the weekend getaway goodbye party for the sole aim of saying goodbye permanently.Someone who was supposed to be her best friend.


“We will all meet our end someday, it’s just so sad that yours is today dear best friend, I just can’t let you have him all to yourself. If I can’t have him, no one will”. I spoke out aloud as I waved to the already moving car with my words swallowed by the noise of the now, moving engine. She replied shouting on top of her voice with “I love you too” as she smiled to her death.


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By Rwang Rwang Judith Yenerat

Hi, Rwang Judith Yenerat is the name. I am a writer. I write poems and stories. I write essays too when need be. I am currently an undergraduate studying law in the prestigious University of Jos. I love expressing ideas through stories. I believe stories are the best way to communicate as every human can relate with a beautiful story. I can ghostwrite stories, poems and even articles.

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