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The view outside the window is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since I opened my eyes after what Paul’s wife did to me. Woman had me unconscious for half a day and blind in both eyes for two days due to serious swelling, I mean I could easily be passed over for a black girl with a Chinese origin.


I’m sitting on the couch in the private room at this very expensive hospital all paid for in full by Paul through my friend Prica to avoid his wife suspecting that he was still contacting me. The blinds are open and I can see the beautiful view outside the window. I was brought in unconscious so I’m not sure but I think my room is on the first floor of the building.


It is on days like this that I wish I am a painter or a professional photographer just to capture or paint views like this. The trees are green, so green that I wish my life was as green and productive as these trees. There are a few cactus plants in  front of the trees. The owner of that house must really be in love with nature.


The trees and especially the cactus plants give me nostalgic feelings about my time in the village with my grandma as a child. There were a lot of cacti in the compound and everywhere you turn. When it’s dry, it is used as firewood in the thatched roof kitchen built with bricks of clay.


But that’s not the most beautiful part of this scenery. The true beauty is in where the treetops meet the sky. The sun is shining from behind and through the tree branches giving this beautiful spectrum of light experience.


This sight makes me smile to myself as I imagine myself smiling on a beach in Zanzibar watching the sunset. An imagination that’ll come to pass in a few months time.


Prisca walks into the room and pulls me out of my world of fantasy. “How are you feeling darling?” she asks. “I am fine, at least I can see the world again and see the beauty of God’s creation.


“Girl, you need to fix your life. You need to leave this man and live. He’s married which means he belongs to another woman. In case you’ve not read the memo, they have four kids together and he’s very much in love with that woman and will never leave her for you. Open your eyes and face reality. Just look at yourself, after what she did to you, don’t tell me you are thinking of going back to that man”.

I was quiet still staring at the view outside.


She continued “you know that I love you and will always support you but in this case, you will never have my support. A married man is off limits, he belongs to another woman and you know. I know you’d come up with the excuse of him being the one chasing you but you should know that the fact that a married man decides to be a cheating bastard don’t mean you be an accomplice to same”


“You are ruining another woman’s home whether you like it or not. Deep within, you know that you are wrong and I hope that you leave him alone. Think about tomorrow and how you’d feel if someone did that to you. Also remember that what God has joined together, let no man what?” She paused pulling at her ears as a warning to me. “Yes mummy” I replied.


What she said made total sense. I know that I had a near death experience after Paul’s wife and her sister beat me up in my apartment. But that’s all in the past, my all expense paid trip to Zanzibar is the future.

Paul promised to send the money soon.

Pain today, enjoyment tomorrow. This hussle must pay.



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By Rwang Rwang Judith Yenerat

Hi, Rwang Judith Yenerat is the name. I am a writer. I write poems and stories. I write essays too when need be. I am currently an undergraduate studying law in the prestigious University of Jos. I love expressing ideas through stories. I believe stories are the best way to communicate as every human can relate with a beautiful story. I can ghostwrite stories, poems and even articles.

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