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Tonight’s the one and only night I have looked forward to ever since I was a teenager and my body began yearning for things I refused to feed it with.

Tonight is the night when my years of waiting begin to pay off. Tonight, I give to my beloved a gift we decided two years ago when we meet to only unwrap this night. Tonight is my wedding night.


Everything was fabulous, the vows, the sermon, the dance and oh, yes, the cake, I could say it was the best part of the wedding but I can’t because, nothing shined brighter than my husband. It tickles when I refer to him as that and it makes me smile like I did the first time my crush told me he likes me in high school.


He was so beautiful. His smile and his finely tailored and neatly ironed suit fitted his body perfectly. He was like a Greek god all through today. Truth be told, I have never seen him more handsome- maybe I should take out a few days and go without my glasses for 24 hours because it seems like they’ve been deceiving me on looks.


The party did not end at the reception. We planned an after party with our friend’s at our new home. It is a mansion and therefore big enough to house everyone for the night.


Now we are back in our room and I am sitting on my matrimonial bed admiring the work of art in front of me. He kissed me and said “babe, I can’t believe that I can finally call you mine, go take that shower baby, daddy is waiting”


Ohh, that was enough to send me rushing to take that shower. I try to imagine what will go down once I step out of the bathroom and gosh, the thought alone sends sweet cold shivers down my spine and makes me press my tighs together as if protecting the sensation between them from escaping.


I get cleaned up real good and step out but the room is empty. I call out to Mike but there is no reply, I try to  call  but he left his cell phone rings right there on the bed.

After some minutes of waiting, I decide to go look for Mike and also get a slice of my perfect wedding cake from the kitchen. The hallway is dark already as everyone is in bed. I use my phone’s torch to lead the way. I walk straight to his best friend’s room to see if he’s there.


At the door, I hear soft quiet moans. “So this guy is enjoying his time at my house to the fullest” I think aloud. I turn to leave when I hear a voice that sounds so familiar “cum for me you punk” he says and two different people give out semi-loud moans and silence follows.


Controlled by shock, I fling the door open and right before me stood two naked men. The only man I’ve loved all my life with his best friend, Jude, both sweating like athletes who just completed a marathon.

“Indeed tonight is the night”




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