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“June is dead, her body was found this morning inside the bush behind the primary school,” Jane said sobbing. I just couldn’t believe her, I ran as fast as I could, not stopping to rest even for a second until I got to June’s house. I saw a lot of people crying.

Her mom was shattered…..she was almost naked rolling on the ground. Her father has fainted and water was being poured on him. I was dumbfounded, I just stood there numb and confused. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t feel. Everything suddenly feels surreal.  It’s like I was floating in the air ……… .


Then I remembered when June told me she was tired. I just smiled at her for we did nothing that day but gist so how could she be tired?

She told me this on several occasions but I just didn’t pay enough attention to read in-between the lines. I remembered how she has been acting weird of recent

She seemed way too happy for no reason. I just thought, “what’s the harm in being happy”


She always said she was glad she would soon go into the world of freedom and liberty. A world of peace.


Oh God! I thought she meant the university- away from home. We were both in our final year in high school. Now, I understand everything. I know what she meant by that. She has gone leaving me with nothing but pain and guilt.

I should have read the signs, I thought. I should have done something, just anything. But I didn’t and now she’s gone.


I knew June had issues at home- well everyone does right? But she was always happy. I didn’t know June hid all her pains behind the smiles.

I noticed some cuts on her wrist the day before and she told me it was from a bangle her mom got her. Now I see, but it’s too late. The cuts were  actually from a baggage she carried in her heart. My own June.


There are many June’s out there and there are many people close to them. Some see such signs and even more but overlook it as normal and some don’t even notice.

You must not do something extraordinary for the whole world to be great. You can do something for a soul and have peace

Peace that the whole world cannot give.

Look out for those around you. Be light. Let your life exude love.


Speak out when you feel down. Just as you speak up when you are happy, share with someone the pain in your heart.

Learn to appreciate nature and the gift of life

Learn to appreciate every little thing you have

Learn to appreciate the joy, the peace and the pain for you are but human and to feel is involuntary.



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By Rwang Rwang Judith Yenerat

Hi, Rwang Judith Yenerat is the name. I am a writer. I write poems and stories. I write essays too when need be. I am currently an undergraduate studying law in the prestigious University of Jos. I love expressing ideas through stories. I believe stories are the best way to communicate as every human can relate with a beautiful story. I can ghostwrite stories, poems and even articles.

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