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Of Christ EP Silas Aduma is finally out on major DSPs.
Silas Aduma is a Nigerian Contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter known for his passion to teach/ communicate God’s word through music. He has been active in the music industry since 2012. He released his first singe in 2019.
Though Silas Aduma has released a few singles before now, Of Christ is his debut EP. The 6-track body of work has a few of Silas’ previously released singles in it. The central message of the songs in the EP is portraying Jesus Christ as the only source of hope for believers.
Speaking about the inspiration for the songs in Of Christ EP, Silas Aduma said,
“The songs in Of Christ EP were majorly inspired by the Scriptures. The entirety of the scriptures being about the Person of CHRIST, speaks lavishly to, with and for us in every and any circumstances of human endeavor.

So, like the Bible says in the book of James 1:25, ‘looking into the perfect law of liberty…’ mirrors the ideal life as against our flawed reality.
These songs are therefore a musical record of my responses to all that is OF CHRIST.”
When asked how the messages of the songs in OF Christ EP speaks to him, Silas Aduma told Jeplune music,
“Personally, the songs in Of Christ EP do to me, what the scriptures do to me. In other words, they teach me, encourage me, keep me in check, remind me of things I have known, convicts me of any life that contradicts all I sung, reproves and corrects my tendencies as someone still in world, though not of the world.

They empower me with the Truth that is beyond the realities the world’s system presents.
The song HIS PROMISES, for instance, is one I recorded so I could hear it being sung to me and not just me singing to me. That’s how much encouraged I get when I hear or sing the songs. I believe that embedded in the songs are the spirit and life OF CHRIST.”
Of Christ EP is available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream or Download Of Christ by Silas Aduma here.

You can follow Silas Aduma on facebook to get more updates about other subsequent releases.

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