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Nigerian Afrobeats singer and producer, Bahd Fella just dropped his second single, titled Only One. This is coming barely two months after the release of his last single ‘Loyalty’ in October, 2022.

Bahd Fella is a Nigerian music artist and producer known for emotional songs based on real life
experiences. He is also the founder of Bahd Fella Records.

Only One is a song that reminds listeners that they only have one life to live and so they should make the most of it. Also, Bahd Fella reechoed that his experiences in life is unique to him (just like every other person have their own unique experiences). He talked about his past experiences and how they affected him. He also talked about his sacrifices. In essence, the song tells listetners that the life they live now is the only one for them, hence the title of the song. But asides the message it carries, Bahd Fella put a lot a of creativity in the production of the song.

Stream or Download Only One by Bahd Fella

Bahd Fella said his inspiration for Only One came from looking back at the place he’s coming from, the struggles he has had and his journey so far to becoming who he is and who he wants to be. In his exact words, he said,
“Coming from a place they say nothing grows. They say, ‘what good could possibly come out, from A.B.A City?’ I lost my way several times, until I found and unlocked the freedom, the endless possibilities, that I can be whatsoever I want to be.

Now, I have become like ‘a place where nothing sinks’. A place where all the dreams are afloat. This is what this song means to me.”
Only One is now available on major streaming platforms and stores. You can follow Bahd Fella on
Facebook for mor details about subsequent releases.

Stream/ Download Only One on your device.

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