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4 reasons you should not be friends with an ex

We know that not all breakups are messy, but you should be careful of the ties you choose to have and keep. Have in mind that this is someone you…

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[Download] Kefas Abokarah : Hold my hand.mp3

Kefas Abokarah released his much anticipated single title "Hold my hand". Hold my hand is a beautiful love song that the talented musician " Kefas Abokarah" sang for the love…

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Five (5) Reasons Why Women dumb men

Breakups are heartbreaking for both men and women; still men and women dump partners at times. There can be reasons or no reasons at all. Whatever it is, very fewer…

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How to maintain the spark in a long-distance relationship

Sometimes people meet each other online and start dating, other times they start their relationship in the same location and one person has to move away. It is not always…

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Twelve (12) tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

Want to feel loved and connected to your partner? These tips can help you build and keep a romantic relationship that’s healthy, happy, and satisfying. 1. Spend quality time together:…

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15 questions you must ask your girlfriend before proposing

Before proposing to that your gorgeous woman, be sure to ask as many marriage-relevant questions as possible. 15 questions you must ask your girlfriend before proposing For couples who have…

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