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We know that not all breakups are messy, but you should be careful of the ties you choose to have and keep.

Have in mind that this is someone you have shared your heart, soul and sometimes body with, they have given your endorphins and dopamine just by a glance. Say the relationship ends amicably, there is no bad blood between you two, why not carry on with friendship, I’m here to tell you not to even try that at all.

Maintaining an on-and-off friendship/relationship with someone you used to date might serve as an anchor that stops you from actually finding someone new. Let them go and find someone else. You don’t want to be in the friend zone forever.

Feelings grow from constant communication. If you only talk to your ex once in three months, that’s fine but if you are constantly keeping tabs on them every other week, feelings will regerminate unwittingly, not to mention the sexual attraction.

You need as much space post-breakup as you can get. All that, ‘let’s just be friends’ right after a breakup is out of it. If you were leaning on them for emotional, financial support or any form of support, pry yourself from them immediately. It will hurt, but that’s the only way to heal and become better.

Being friends with your ex, especially close friends, is a red flag when people are seeking out a relationship with you. Maintaining that friendship well into your new relationship will make your partner uncomfortable and unsure of where they stand. Plus, you might be using them to meet emotional needs lacking in your partner and vice versa.

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