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Lately, people tend to see suggestions and advises as attack and bullying. We have been forced into given everything a label and whitewashing almost all areas of our lives.

Obesity and acts that can take one to the point of being obese, are now portrayed as “body positivity,” enjoyment and all other things.
A publication by Innocent Ijezie et al., in 2013, showed an overweight individual index of between 20.3-35.1%, with 8.1-22.2% obese individuals in Nigeria.
Obesity, is a leading cause of many diseases, with heart related diseases as a common one.
Stroke, Type 2 diabetes and a whole range of other diseases, fall into this category.
This means that with a healthy living habit, we can stop these diseases from even arising.
We live in a world, where almost everything, has/is being made to make us sedentary as well as eat badly.
Hence, we must be deliberate about our health and the habits we into place.
I am not denying the fact, that some persons have a habit of “body-shaming” individuals, but your health, is in the choices you make.
To keep one’s health in check, exercise regularly, eat healthy, cut down on sugars, limit screen time and as much as possible, cook at home
by Precious Rex

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By Precious Nengak

I might be crazy, I might not be. I am a black and weird individual, who is a blend of all things good. A Medical laboratory scientists, poet, writer and one who is fascinated by Chess. For one thing, My life is the definition of God’s love. I find beauty in imperfections, minimalism and fine arts. Crazily in love with Music and books. I am still trying to find home, but maybe, home does not want me to find her. I love love

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