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It’s a beautiful Monday morning. The kitchen is bright enough as the sun decided to shine beautifully so
early with it’s rays cutting through my kitchen window.

I’m starting a new week with a sanitation. Hubby is coming back in two days time and I want the house
sparkling clean when he gets here. He’s been away this time for too long. The peacekeeping mission
took a whole year instead of the original six months.

I pick my phone to listen to the voice note he sent me last night, “hae baby, I miss you and I’m so excited
at the thought of seeing you soon. I know it’s been a long wait and I’m glad it’s finally over, see you in
two days big baby. I love you always”.

I smile sheepishly and lay a soft kiss on the screen of my phone. His voice notes are constant reminders
of him, his voice, his simplicity and his beauty- the husband of my youth. The one I stayed faithful to all
through the years, the one I believed in when no one saw the bright future ahead of. “I love you baby” I
whisper into the air with my eyes closed.

“Pardon? what did you say neighbor?” those words pulled me back to reality. “Oh, you are here, I’m
sorry, I didn’t realize when you walked in, I was just thinking out loud” It was my new neighbor, Dan. He
moved into the estate last month and has since been of great help to me. He helps lift heavy weights
and fix little electrical problems. He always says “I’m your present husband when the real one is absent,
a beautiful woman like you needs a strong man around always”

I always laugh at his compliments and consider them a part of his big bag of jokes but I won’t deny the
fact that a tiny bitty part of my heart tells me he meant them- a part I chose to ignore for the best. I can
swear he tried to kiss me the other night when I was a bit drunk from the wine served at the estate’s
end of year dinner when he walked me to my doorstep but he denied vehemently the next morning and
blamed it on the alcohol.

I actually called him that morning to help with moving the freezer to another part of the kitchen, I
wanted to rearrange things and create a new look.

While waiting for him, I got lost in my thoughts about my husband- Henry. Henry is a soldier in the
Nigeria army. He’s been away on a peacekeeping mission since January and is to be back in two days
time, right on time to celebrate Christmas with me. I already pictured his return as my early and best
Christmas present.

While adjusting the fridge in it’s new position, he went behind me to do something and he grazed my
ass with his fingers only to pretend like nothing happened when I turned back to look at him. I had to
speak when he grabbed my waist and I felt he had a hard on. It was right behind me and I could feel it
right through the thickness of my jean shorts.

“I think you should leave now, the fridge is set, thank you so much”. He left with a smile on his face and
made a “call me” sign with his fingers to his ears. Call him, I did after the thoughts of that morning
lingered on my mind. The hardness of a man right behind me and the feel of his fingers brought to life
every single hormone I fought to tame while waiting for my beloved.

“Two days more, just two days more and this burning craving will be satisfied, I’ve waited twelve
months, two more days won’t do no harm”. I decided to call Dan to let him know how disrespectful I
thought his actions were that morning towards my person as a married woman.

I decided a phone call was my best shot as I should not get too close considering what he ignited in me
that morning. “Hae beautiful” he said on the other end of the call”. “I need to tell you something Da…”
He cut me short “why don’t you open your door and tell me exactly what you want to cos I’m right
outside with a bottle of wine”.

“I came to apologize and this is my peace offering” he said handing over the wine to me. “I had a rethink
of what happened earlier and I thought it was only proper I apologized, I hope you accept my apology” I
could hear all he was saying but my eyes and mind were concentrated on something else- his bare chest
underneath the light unbuttoned shirt he wore and the nicely chiseled abs. Who comes to apologize
looking like hot chocolate cake to be devoured with immediate alacrity. Who?

“Let me drop this on your table myself” he made to enter after his hand hanged in the air for about two
minutes with the wine while I gazed lustfully at his body imagining all I could do to it. G-o-d, when he
passed by and the scent of his perfume hit my nose, I knew I was gone. When he came from behind and
slid a hand right through my blouse while slowly kissing my neck, I didn’t even resist.

My body betrayed my mind that night and by the time it was over, I saw the light on my screen
signifying a notification. I picked the phone to see four missed calls from Henry. That was weird, Henry
only called more than twice when there was a problem. That was the agreement, if either of us calls
more than twice, then it’s an emergency. He dropped me a voice note too so I rushed to listen to it
before dialing his line.

“His voice was cracking and the background had a different type of noise, not the usual one from his
camp. “Baby”, he spoke slowly amidst the noise “babe, I wanted to surprise you so I took an early flight
home. I am already in Nigeria to arrive home tomorrow morning and give you a surprise but I had a car
accident this evening, we are being conveyed to the hospital right now but I feel life leaving me, I’m
scared baby, scared of the thought of not seeing you again more than I am of death, I called to hear your
voice as I’m getting weaker by the second, you did not pick your call so I opted to send this”

“Oh my goodness” I screamed with tears in my eyes jumping up from the sofa butt naked to dial his
number, it rang several times before someone picked the call to inform me that the owner of the phone
was confirmed “dead on arrival”

“I looked at Dan with tears rolling down my cheeks and whispered “what have I done”.
While my husband fought for his life and struggled for his life, when he needed me the most, I was
getting an orgasm. The room went dark and I slumped to the floor.

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By Rwang Rwang Judith Yenerat

Hi, Rwang Judith Yenerat is the name. I am a writer. I write poems and stories. I write essays too when need be. I am currently an undergraduate studying law in the prestigious University of Jos. I love expressing ideas through stories. I believe stories are the best way to communicate as every human can relate with a beautiful story. I can ghostwrite stories, poems and even articles.

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