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Dangkat Geoffrey C. Rii Mak (He Is Worthy)

Culture is a way of life of a certain group of people: their Faith, Behaviors, Values, Arts, Music, Architecture they pass it from one generation to another.

Mwaghavul people are people of culture; they are known for Hunting, Farming, Arts, Music, and Business etc. They are from Mangu Local government of Plateau State Nigeria.

Dangkat Geoffrey Chetshik Also known as Dangkat Geoffrey C. is from Kerang District of Mangu LGA Plateau State Nigeria. He is a culture gospel contemporary musician, song writer, guitarist, violinist, his belief is that God will not give you a culture for nothing; he uses his culture to glorify God.

Here is one of his outstanding culture gospel song: RII MAK (He is worthy) in Mwaghavul language from RII MAK Album. God is worthy of praise, he is not like men that are full of wickedness and plot evil against each other every day; he is our protector, defender, healer, king, refuge, that the message he is passing through his song.

May God interprets to you the meaning of the song despite your language since we read the same Bible; have the same faith and one God.



Rii Mak

You can download the full album below

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