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The song titled “GOSA is my heart” was written and composed by Jelkyes Joseph Gora of GOSA set 2010. It’s a song that summarizes life in Boys’ Secondary School and Girls’ High School, Gindiri (GOSA). This is a song conceived out of the love and appreciation we have towards our Alma mata GOSA, where we got transformed.
We’re privileged and excited to be part of this project😍
Our hearts are totally in this song❤️
At no point did we ever think it was easy when we started (lol) most of us would bear witness to that. But as time went on, we realized every bit of experience back then which was and is still peculiar to our school was worth the while in every sense of it. Trust me we wouldn’t trade that for nothing!
The discipline didn’t feel pleasant back then but we had our shares of bliss too and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the combination of both.
Lastly, amongst every-other thing, it has being the shared values we acquired back then from school that has kept us this strong together till forever!
If we have a chance of going back in time, we’d still choose Boy’s Secondary School and Girls’ High School Gindiri .GOSA IS OUR PRIDE AND WE ARE PROUD TO BELONG!
The song was performed by four great GOSAs namely Jelkyes Joseph Gora – GOSA 2010, Glory Nuwan – GOSA 2010, Retmun Fer Wale – GOSA 2017 and Kyenpia Joseph Gora – GOSA 2021.
The song was produced by Nerat Chuwang of GOSA 2017, mastered and mixed by Surgeon .


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