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Let’s take a stand, Let’s be a voice.
Let’s open our hearts to the beauty of life.
To Rythm and Poetry, another child have been given birth to.
Let’s Christian her with honour.

G.King: A Creative Wordsmith from the city of Jos, Nigeria. Known for his wordplay, multi-lingual and boundless creativity. He’s the co-founder and signed artist of PPS(Punchline Poetry Society). He put together this Unusual album titled “W.I.L.D“. a blend of mystery, simplicity, and Metaphor.

In G.King’s words “This is a portrait of us, a reflection of our struggles, flaws, our hope, beliefs, roots, and our science of truth. I believe Art is priceless, That’s why we make room for lovers of art to appreciate and bless the artist with a token”.

G King : WILD
G King : WILD

W.I.L.D album can be obtained at #499.91 (approx #500.00).
Two(2). Ways to Get the Album
1.) Click here to make the payment,
and we’ll send a copy to your email. GET IT
2.) Make a transfer to this account(0057919912, Sterling Bank, Gideon Yakubu) and send us an email:, or a WhatsApp message(+2347062471679) for your copy.

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