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Sebastian Deshi Tokji, popularly known as Mr. Seb is a singer, filmmaker, web designer, screenwriter, teacher, and poet. He hails from the Pankshin local government of Plateau State, Nigeria. He is a Christian and he is happily married. Mr. Seb is the brain behind Young Christians Reaching Out (YCRO), a body that reaches out to people and teaches them through music, poetry, writing, acting, and Bible studying.


Mr. Seb is well known for his original sound and creativity with words. He has under his belt a record of two albums and one EP; Pacing Words released in 2018, Orthopraxy released in the year 2020, and Kill me with Kindness released in the year 2020. To add to this number, he has once again produced another extended playlist titled “Hupernikao” which has left many minds wondering.


Hupernikao is coined from two Greek words, “huper” and “nikao”, which all together mean ” more than a conqueror”. This is a reflection of Romans 8:37, “for we are more than conquerors through him who loved us”. The EP which houses 5 tracks, out of which 3 features other outstanding artists, is a reminder of God’s love and assurance to his elect.


Mr. Seb gave a thought-provoking opening to this EP with his first track titled ” Exclusivism”. A piece that centers on religious differences and how most believers tend to see their religion as the one and only true religion in the world just as the name implies. He further urged his audience to look beyond the differences and seek peace instead.


The smooth transition maintained in this Ep is worthy of note, as one would think these are 5 songs knitted into one track. The weighty emotions and word rhyme employed in the second track titled “Heart to Heart”, is captivating. The whole idea of fusing words to melodious voice worked magic on this track, as Chibo didn’t just give sound to this song but also soul! It is important to note that this particular song was made  the soundtrack of the short film “Crush”, written and directed by Mr. Seb.


If you have the patience of a snail then I tell you this third track is definitely for you but if not, you might want to scroll pass it. Mr. Seb brought the whole “lecturer versus students” feel to his audience in this piece titled “Hupernikao Explicate”. Here, he humorously explains the meaning of the title of this EP. 

Mr. Seb once again delights his audience with organic African sound in the song ” Squall”. If wailing ever sounded nice, it will definitely be Squall, accompanied by the enchanting voice of Jiritmwa Paul who can be mistaken for a Nightingale. Squall is but a heart-cry to one’s creator and maker.


There is always room for improvement and a space for a little more, creation is never complete until death. But this space between here and there could be filled with love as shown by Mr. Seb in the last song titled, “Madee” featuring J. Here, the poet in him is unveiled as he showers his beloved with words covered in honey alongside the vocal sounds of the artist J. This EP can be likened to the mini skirt of a lady and if you’re wondering how? Take a listen!

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Exclusivism by Mr Seb

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