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While we wait for the official release of “Made After Death”.

A4C the incredible lyricist unveiled the lyrical content of the whole project for free.

In other to achieve the ultimate goal of the project which is “to reach the entire world with the message of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”.

You can Pre-Order for your Copy hey = BUY

It is our eanest that this lyrics will speak to your hearts even you patiently wait for the complete audio album.


  1. Madtroduction – ft Daboomsha
  2. Da way
  3. Hustle – ft Greal
  4. Mad cypher – ft shedzzy, LJ, Tempee
  5. Nkarina (goodnews)
  6. Hold on – Philip Dobson
  7. Overcome – ft Mohorret
  8. Son of david
  9. Give







1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. X2


Goodness and mercies follow I to the end

A4C am on with Christ to the end

The end is here you better rise up and shine

I speak and you hear bringing you near with my lines

We having it hear don’t even dare cos we weird

Sit back and relaxed open your ears wide and hear

Got to give you the real news am on with the tight news

Good news God news real news struck like a bad new

Its God when I tell you that heaven and earth will pass

Keep thinking its I but his word will never fade away

Am telling you he’s using me to tell you this right away

Jesus is the light, his the truth and the only way

I say it again more sure than my name

the fame can wait while I switch the light J is the name I rep

the light of the world the salt of the earth

the way of the cross and crown

is the way to the life you seek


1,2,3, (x2)

Drop it like is heard

1,2,3 (x2)

Say it like you hear it

1,2,3 (x2)

Drop it like is heard

1,2,3 (x2)

Say it like you mean it

Verse 2 

And the guy was like mehn ba na shan taba

And the friends be like what! You are not harder

To prove them wrong sai ya dan taba

Now he’s deep in it

Infact he’s trapped in it

But don’t get it twisted my brother am back to get you delivered

The power of the father is bigger than that addiction mehn

The closer you get the clearer you see

The deeper you search the wiser get

The fear of the lord is the foundation you need of course

The fools and there nations are fool of themselves

Despising wisdom and discipline that is foolish I say

Back to the matter I will speak like a general

Your situation is dead this is the funeral

Arise and shine and step into light

I bring you Jesus of Nazareth the light of the heavens and earth

Embrace salvation your future is here

The life of fear of your past life can’t even dare

Cos you dead to sin now you stepping in light

Believe with your heart confess with your lips

that Jesus Christ is the lord and you will get all the rest you need

repeat Chorus


TITLE: Hustle 


ARTIST: A4C ft Greal


Aaaa aaaaa aaaaa


Ogbeni faith without work

Can only make a man lazy ….

Na why I dey hustle everyday

Like every Sunday to a Monday …….

Toh Ga ni nan ga ni nan…..

Na shigo gari….



Kaki ka dage

Sai ka wurga kafang ka ka baje

Wai kaine yaron danuwa chairman

Gobe za ka bushe

In ka ki aiki lalai ka bushe


Sai mu tashi mu tafa

Allah ya ba mu hanu da kafa  (kafada)
sai mu je can mu hada

In an biya kudi sai mu kada (kwonkoso)

Domin shi ne ya ba mu

Mun yi anfani das hi mun samu

Yaro ba kiwuya si kwazo

Kai da kawowa sallen kwado

Hustling daga J har kado

Daga can mukagan mazan ado

Mata sun ce ba kudi sai aro

Tir kai dan gidan Ado

In ka tashi ka fita ka nimo

Da bangaskiya ka doka gamo

Don albarkun da yace zai bamu

Karmar rowan sama zasu soko


Kai dan kasa daga kafa

Tashi ka fita ka duba sama

Ka fita ka duba sama

Gani nan (x16)


Hustle, hustle my brother

Make you no turn to begger begger

Wey no want follow ladder

You come the halla where the lifter  for ghetto

Ji mana, zo mana

Taste the manner from the heavens

He will give you when you hustle hard

Duba ka gani ka tabata

Alherin sa dole zai habaka

Ghetto soldier do your thing

Doesn’t matter how it goes

Rough or smooth clean or dirty

Hard or smart, you will earn it keep believing

Get up and step out of laziness

Your comfort zone makes lazy man

419 is the code of the lazy men

Crazy men that is what they’ll be calling us

Busy men that is who we are

I and Greala mehn we don wake from our laziness

(Repeat chorus)


We don wake oooo

And today don break ooooo


A4C ……

Mr Greal again oooo





ARTIST: A4C ft Shedzzy, LJ, Tempee 



Yes sir

What’s happening folks

We got Shedzzy, El-Jay, Tempee and A4C

Mad cipher


I was lost in the land of the dead

And I hope to live

M y life was defeat

My thoughts and thinking was deceived

You wouldn’t believe

No strength to win

And all I knew was how to quit

Cos it was more than dying

My heart was dirty

Am doing things I can’t imagine

Was screaming and shouting

Who will come and help and save me

Nobody will hear me

Try to find my way out the devil won’t let me

I was tired with a chain no means to escape

Was I really a sinner, cos the wages of sin is death?

I try so hard and everything was in vain

No second chance cos sin is running through my vein

All of a sudden Jesus came

He died on the cross and took away the blame

He washes my sins away

Now am not the same

Am flashing in no stains

Yes am born again

El – Jay 

One time for the creator of creatives

Two times for the one who conquered heitis

Three times for the custodians of secrets

Four times for the one made in his image

Let me take you back to where it all started

Man was a moralist doctrines all straighten

Born to Christianity doctrines downloaded

Boy very clueless but feeling all loaded ai

Jesus came then he died and I died too
he was raised still alive am alive too

Now he’s seated in the heavenlies am there too

Take my place bad man wouldn’t dare to

Treasures in earth and vessels

Devil wants to embezzle

Crude now I be Dissel

Strong man not be Venn Dizzle

Now is some ones epistle

Like the church in Ephesus

Chapters not be episodes

Fly not be Pegasus

Tem pee 


Made after the image of phenomenon God

We dead to flesh we not normal

We put our souls to the cross

It’s a movement of awaken of the sons of the light

Weak becoming becoming stronger dry bones back to life


Abeg abeg make I settle the case

Thius matter no be flesh and bone

Na spirit wey we hold for here

Mad oo

We no dey fear we no loose guard

The God wey dey inside of us pass the one wey the carry gun


Duhu duhu bamu gudu

Da ruhu mai tsarki muna daga doro

Har the molo solo d atsoho mai magani

Da dan talaki da mai kunu da dawa

All chosen to defend the cross

Bro we unashamed

Am not bragging when I say we are invisible

Relentless with the gospel

we are not retreating we are overrated

We always shining with the light

The bible is our lifestyle

Tell the whole world we are MAD

Made after death yo


When words fail

I thank God for my life

Like streams in the desert the rivers of living water

No bottles but rivers fresh lively and sparkling

Abundant promises blessings unending

His unchanging plan has always been from the start

To adopt us all into the family of Christ

Wash us clean out of drought of sins

Our sins like desert dirt, Darker than coal

He washed us clean why cos his living water

If sin is death life is sin is like dark

I was down in the sin I felt dark cos I was dead

I was empty hearted at death I shrink and falter

All this years where wasting sinning thinking its shining

To God be the glory in darkest pit he saw me

He showed me the light brought me and gave me what is life

Now am strongly lively doing the work of the light

TITLE: Nkarina (Goodnews)





Mbe ngwe ya ho (come and listen)


Nkarina nka wiriri, nka shi shwen  shigo rai na

(this goodnews is so pure and sweet pierce through my heart)

Ma mbe dudu ngwe ni mbe ngwe ya ho

(come close and listen to this )

Nzhi mwerici ho, heri tiya nzhi ya fro (lets join our hands together to the end)

Ka ngwe nyi ewena ho, civa ngwe bro  (whether you are a man or woman come join your hands)

A ri re ruvo he ho (call out in times of help)

United we stand divided we fall

Separated by things that we thought

Will bring us together and that’s we fall

The time has come for the people to come

And stand tall altogether as one

The great commission is on regardless of

Who we are, where we from, way we speak

How we look what we do, doesn’t matter

Rich or poor, weak or strong, we get stronger

One time dull or smart we get smarter

Anytime that we put our heads together

Cos we know that is all about the gospel

Nkarina nka wiriri nka shi shwen shigo raina (good news so pure and sweet in my heart)

Ka ngwe ri ra ka ngwe  ri ce ka ngwe ri se firiri (believe it or not the blessing in abundance)

Se nka Barbe ngwe bro(accept the gospel in Christ)

De ngwe ma hwe ngwe fo firi we(do not take it for granted)

Nka shi shwen kpikpikpi(the word so sweet)

Nkarina nka wiriri nka shi shwen civa ngwe bro(good news so pure and sweet juin your hands)


Nkarina nka wiriri, nka shi shwen (good news so pure and sweet)

Ahh shigo rai na(in my heart)



Ina yaran zaki kira yazo sai mu je can mu kule musu baki (calling all the children of lion)

Sujada muke yi kai daga nan zuwa sama busa kakaki (worship from here to heaven with our kaki)

Bude kofar aljana zuba mana albarku daga sama(open the gate of heaven and shower the blessing)

Hallelujah zamu raira warkar yabo zamu taka hai(hallelujah wesing praises and mach)

Rawan ba Allah daukaka har abada zamu ba shi daukaka (we dance to the glory of God forever )

Nzhi de we lo ngwe barbe yabo da anabci ba ruhu abinci( only the name of the Lord is worthy of praise )

Kai kira muke yi ga duka alumai duniya(calling all nationof the world )

Nigeria da Kenya, America har da isreaila(Nigeria,Kenya,America,Isreal )

South Africa, Gana kun zo nan(south Africa and Gana are you all here )

Liberia har the Caribbean(Liberia and Caribbean )

Zamu raira zamu taka zamu kada kidin raira wanan wakan nassara(we will sing, dance and make sounds of victory )

Ya maido mu zuwa hanyan sama alheri kirikiri babu masala (he redeemed us back,grace clearly without a stain)

Ngwe ni fo ngwe kyu wiriri, nshe wiriri ngwe ba ku firi(you carried us and washed us clean,the Holy Spirit cover us )

Nje shi co denge aha nkarina ne je she a yari Jesu(I am without fear for the salvation I receive through Chist )

Higher higher we’ll be lifting Jehovah

Fire  fire will be pouring from heaven

Hallelujah we’ll be singing like angels

Forever ever and ever we’ll be singing like what!!!!

Imagine the sound we are cooking was never heard,

Going hard here we are

One new man sound one voice

to the father we are lifting our voice

(repeat chorus) 



ARTIST: A4C ft Philip Dobson 


Wanna drop this like a trap rapper

but cant cos am on with the hard rap

I’m dropping the message that makes you to think deeper

wait for a sec let me tell you how it feels in a me heart

tempted once beaten but I shy more than three times

feeling the  heat from haters wanna hate back

deep in the sin you feel like a king

cant loose all the glory hope you dig that

and if you don’t I will break down

who be the brother that be begging for the lagger in the streetz

and church call you brother cos the don’t know

that brother that is deep in pornography

masturbation sex fantasy are killing him

that sister that’s involved in abortion

the thoughts and emotion makes  you to feel worst

think your world is upside down

make mehn

check this


Hold on (x2)

Keep reminding your past

Your life is a rag

But wit Sh Christ on the throne

Then its alright (x2)

You wait for too long

they you are wrong

but how many more (x2)

Life is race so I pick up the pace

give me the keys I need to be free

My life is so tight it’s a hundred degrees

Let there be breez I need to be free (x2)

I have to believe (x2)

So I hold on (x2)


That feeling that you get when youy downcast

Makes you treat yourself like an outcast

Boss man wanna get the cash mehn

Double your hustle and you will get the pay double

Things that matters are those that we never see with our eyes open till we close them harder

Wanna give up your hope in God for job that you searched and you couldn’t get

Abi na school a dmission yea just be calm the lady come break you turn your back your homie come snitch on you

The sisipin behind you ‘sychophant’

Persecution is worst in the church

I tell you this and more stay true to your words

Thosewho trust in the lord are like mount of Zion sorrounds you for ever more

The septer will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous be conscious

Peace be to the righteous but they don’t know

Wanna settle for less cos you feel less

Never look down on yourself

Pick up your life and move on

Keep it on, keep it real



If I hold on like a heavy weight

Now I hold on am every where

I can see I’m not real blind

The past is gone is the way I keep it

My addiction is gone am not proud of it

The cross is here put a crown on it

I’m a Shelly cant crack on it

Christ is the answer hold on it

You can hold on

Christ is the answer hold on it  (x5)


Take my yoke upon you and learn from me

For I am gentle and lonely in heart

My yoke easy and my burden is light




ARTIST: A4C ft Philip Dobson 


Verse 1

They said am feeling like a supernova, nope

It’s the spirit of the Passover

Making the haters to hide just take over

For the real deal is here we about to take over

Game over

To those who are lost in the world to get paper

Their story will be same like Egypt’s Passover

For this I am sure, I’m covered by Jehovah

I’m smiling and yet they confused by cover

Filled with the spirit, call it hang over

Blessings that befalling me shaking and turning over

Haters they are frowning and turning their face over

Like pharaoh they have lost cos it is game over

And yet I am strong and beautiful wonderful powerful

Valiant glorious precious I stand victorious

I and my fearless brothers we stand as warriors

Yes we the warriors


Oh Lord……

Give me the strength I need

Give me the grace to overcome

When the forces try to bring me down

Lord ….

Give me the strength in I need

Give me the grace to stand firm

When the forces try to bring me down


Jesus (x2)

Give me the grace to overcome

Jesus (x2)

Give me the grace to stand firm


Verse 2

Say we no fine, say we no fly

Say we no be the people wey get the figures high

But the fact is fly and we get swag

Saved with amazing grace, shebi we BAD men

Born again dudes that’s the code men

Our lines are dropping in punches we the figure head

Ahead of the game we allies of the game head

Bro abeg shift make I move ahead

We fine and defined well refined in Christ

Am saved your saved his save and I tell trice

In Christ I trust of course we will not give up

Christ a lone is the rock that I build my hope

Whatever they say will never ever bring me low

Your grace is keeping we moving and we laugh at the haters

They trying their best to remove we but you taking us higher

But I tire for the people wey wan chuk their hands for the fire

O’boy no come try test the holy ghost fire

His fighting my fight and giving me the peace that I need

And yes I’m having Jehovah that is all I need

Your grace is lifting me higher make me stronger indeed

My deeds are fresh from the kitchen of the master chef

Your grace is lifting me higher make me stronger indeed

My deeds are fresh from the kitchen of the master chef

Repeat vamp and chorus






Are you ready for this?

Turn up turn up for the king of kings (x2)

I’d be damned if I’m wrong that I rep the king


Seed of Jesse (soj)

King of kings is the king

The God in man, the lamb yet lion of tribe of Judah (what)

He’s the same yesterday today and forever

He was then in beginning for he is the word

Even before the beginning for he is God

Wait let me tell you about my God as prophesied Isaiah

A child is born, a son is given

And the government shall be on his shoulder

Wonderful councilor mighty God

Everlasting father

Prince of peace king of kings upon the throne of David


Rep rep rep the king of kings (JESUS)



Jesus (Jesus)

Son of David is the Lord

He is omnipotent to the end of everything

Drop hits, yes sir

Rep Jesus so long I live (x2)



Jesus the miracle worker

Even his birth was a miracle

Conceived by the spirit his mother a virgin and born in a manger (miracle )

Heal the sick and blind

Raise the dead (miracle)

Commanded the storm and walk on the water and feed the multitude (miracle)

At the touch of his garment the woman with issue of blood was healed

At first sight and talking to him Samaritan woman was freed

He is the living water

Yet the stone that the builders rejected

The rock of ages who open the pages of creation and put them in stages

That’s why they are coming in faces

Like men created in races

God the father, the son and the spirit is one (three of his faces)

The God head three in one

The way to the father the truth and then light

He is the light of the world

Jesus the emancipator

Killed the sinner in me and buried it down (terminator)

Mu tashi, mu tashi and give the praises for he is the mediator

Mu bashi, mu bashi girma da daukaka don shi ne mai iko duka (x2)

Repeat vamp and chorus 


Yeah …

We chilling with the son of David

The son of god of the father of David

The son of God of Abraham

The only son that is the father of himself

You know what?

He was and he is and he is to come

He is the alpha and omega

Are you ready for this?

Turn up turn up for the king of kings (x4)

repeat vamp





Kai ne ogah kpatakpata ……


Give you all the glory

Give you all the praise yeah


King of kings and lord of lords

Give you the glory yeah yeah

Give you all the glory (one time more )

Give you all the praise yeah


1, 2, 3and 4

247 me go give you the praises

Don kai ne ogah kpatakpata

har abada Hallelujah

daga hanu ka ce Yesu (Yesu)

wurka kafa ka ce Yesu (Yesu)

Duba hagu da daman ka

Alheri ba iyaka

Rai da lafiya shi ya ba ni

Salama da arziki

Yabo (x3)


Repeat chorus 

Verse 2

Mai iko duka, all power belongs all praise belongs to the most high God madaukaki

Sarkin sarakuna ya yesu mai runduna

The rock of ages has changed my level a kowace safe da rana I’ll wearing defferent riguna

Adagwe Jesu Christy ngwe birina

Ngwe nyi nggwe zhwo zhwo, ngwe bi igbe zhwo zhwo

Ngwe shi wiriri aha ni nje shi re ngwa grime zhwo zhwo

The prince of peace yet the king of kings

All glory and power and honor I have giving kabiosi

Your majesty indeed you reign

Forever and ever I bow to the king (igwe)

Kai ne wakan da raira like this

Yet am shortr of words to describe your worth

Yet I lift my voice just to praise you more

After this song I’ll sing some more

Repeat chorus 

Ya ya ya

So we give you all the glory

Kai ne ogah kpatakpata ….

Repeat chorus 


The Great minds behind MAD

MAD is a nine track musical project  pioneered by A4C and features various gospel artiste within Nigeria and beyond to include Daboomsha – Lagos (song writer, recording and performing artiste, OAP), Greal – Jos (rapper, singer, disc joke ), Philip Dobson – Jos (unique and talented vocalist), Mohorret – Jos (certified music coach, recording and performing artiste), Tem-pee – Jos (multy lingual rap artiste), LJ- Jos  (medical doctor and extremely gifted rapper), Shedzzy – Jos (fast rising multy talented gospel artiste).

This play list which took A4C four years to compile also featured seven great music producers within and outside Nigeria. This producers include surgeon, Panan, Crest pro, Faithmo, AB pro, Dessy and Greal.


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