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Naija Christmas by Chima Begotten is finally out on major digital platforms. Although not a newbie in the music industry, this is his debut release with the new artist name, Chima Begotten.

Chima Begotten is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and voice coach. He has released several songs with different artist names. He says this is the beginning of a new era for him, hence the new artist name.

Naija Christmas is a different kind of Christmas song. It talks about Christmas from the Nigerian
perspective, while still reminding listeners of the reason for the celebrations. Unlike most Christmas songs, this is an Afrobeats song. It was beautifully produced, and of course, you can trust the vocal delivery of Chima Begotten.

Talking about his inspiration for Naija Christmas , Chima Begotten said,
“Early December last year I was in a private rehearsal with Joseph Gsong. I was talking about songwriting as he was playing something on the keyboard. I wanted to give him an example of intentional songwriting having the listeners in mind. So, I started singing & can you smell the Christmas in the air?
Fried Chinchin in the Harmattan breeze…& We fleshed out the lyrics some more and got the chorus.
Now, it has turned out to be a well written piece that people, who know what Christmas looks and feels like in Nigeria, can sing along every Christmas season.
The song reminds me of Christmas as a little boy. The excitement of food and clothes and traveling yet it still goes to remind me of the reason for all of the celebration – a certain baby Jesus.”

Tap the link below to stream or download Naija Christmas on major streaming platforms/ stores
Stream or Download Naija Christmas on your device

Meanwhile you can follow Chima Begotten on Facebook for more details about the release.

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