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Nigerian Gospel Music/ Multi-instrumentalist, and music director Justus Istifanus aka Yaron Sarki, is out with a brand new single titled Almasihu (Messiah),

the AYEYE crooner took inspiration from Litaffin Wakoki Hymn 89, that talked about the ordeal Jesus passed through just to show His love for us, the essence of Life is love and the Omnipotent one showed it.

It’s an upbeat alternative country song that points us all to God with thanks in our hearts for His love.

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 ALMASIHU- messiah

 Almasihu  hasken duniya
 Messiah, the light it the world
 Begen dukan masu rai
 The hope of all mankind
 Yesu Rasul Kalmar Allah
 Jesus the spirit, the word of God
 Tun Fil' azal kai kadai
 Thou art from evaluating
 Kai Kadai Madawami ne
 You alone eternal Saviour
 Kai Kadai madaukaki
 You alone Omnipotent


 Kai Ka ajiye rigan Mulki
 You left your glory in heaven
 Ka bar duk don ceton mu
 You left all tot us to save
 Zafin mutuwa Baka ki ba
 The pain of death you did not shun
 Duk Ka sha don kaunar mi
 You went through all because you love us
 Karbi Yabo Karbi Mulki
 To you be glory and kingdom
 Naka ne har'abada
 It's yours forever more


 Kai Kadai, Kai Kadai ne Almasihu
 You alone, you alone are Messiah


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