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From the desk of “Dear Initiative” founder and C.E.O, Edge Golbador

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming Music Project tagged “JOsBelieve”

The music industry is a very difficult field to break into. And Artists are rarely given any form of support or encouragement in their creative pursuit.
Dreams that once seemed bright, exciting and  hopeful with time becomes dark, confusing and desperate. Doubt begins to creep in and you wonder how much longer you can keep pushing before the pressure becomes too much.
Whether you’re trying to get to the top of your career or just need encouragement or support, the “Dear Artist” initiative through empowering Artist with knowledge to establish and grow their brand, reach their audience and earn a living doing what they love is aimed at bridging that gap.
Josbelieve, an initiative of “Dear Artist” is a Tribe of Artists who are passionate about promoting the City of Jos through their God given talents.
Jos is a vibrant city in Plateau State North Central Nigeria.
Over the years we’ve experienced trails and tribulations as a result of recurrent crises. This, amongst other things have had negative impact on the growth of the music industry in the state.
The idea of JOsBelieVe is to create a platform where different Artists can come together, believing in the power of UNITY, putting sentiments aside to pursue a common goal.
This is a community of creatives who are passionate about putting Jos back on the Map.
It’s a concept that is aim at uniting  creatives, entertainment enthusiast, media platforms, prospective investors and all industry players towards building self sustaining industry.
This project, is open for partnership with individuals, groups, cooperate societies and even government organisations who understands the vision and are passionate about the creative industry. These are people who believe in the city, its potentials, existing natural resources, both physically and human (talent), coming together to restore its lost glory and change the narrative caused by the negative impact of Crisis in the years passed.
This idea is intended to empower creatives to become financially self-reliance, reveal our hidden revenue generating potential, which will further enhance economic growth to our dear state and portray us in a better perspective to the global audience.
The JOSBELIEVE music project is a community based initiative were 10 Artists representing 10 different communities in Jos, the Plateau State capital will be featured on a Single Album  aimed at fostering collaboration amongst creatives in the state.
This Album is projected to meet a target of 1 million fans globally. Each unit will be sold at 1 thousand Naira or it’s equivalent. The goal is to raise 1 Billion Naira to boast the creative industry in Jos and beyond.
1 To develop talent and  build reliable market for our local content.
2. To foster unity among creatives while working to achieve group objective.
3. To contribute to the economic growth of the state through revenue generation
4. To empower creatives economically to become self reliance.
Anything is possible if you “JOsBelieVe
1. Recording of Josbelieve theme song and Promotion.
2. Merchandise production.
3. Recording josbelieve Collaborative Album.
4. Documentary series.
5. Packaging
6.  Launching the project

For sponsorship and enquiries please Connect with Edge Golbador

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