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Inclusion of Persons living with disability in the 2023 governorship election

All hands have been put on deck to ensure that the 2023 is conducted free and fair, inclusion on the other hand is an issue that is still on the lips of many persons and organisations.
The physically challenged in Nigeria have yearmed to be included in politics and also the voting process where they have said that importance is not given to their comfort by the ad hoc staff as well as the security persons at the polling units.
Miss Felicia Bwei, a person living with disability has called on INEC to employ persons with disability as ad hoc staffs in order to help them feel included in the Nigerian electoral process especially at the polling units.
Speaking with Mr Barakat a resident of Ndar at Bokkos local government area of plateau state (a person living with disability)who confirmed that the urge to go to the polling unit on election day is a challenge due to the restrictions of movement and also having the ad hoc staff pay little attention to them by saying they waste time is enough reason to stop them from exercising their franchise. He also mentioned that if at all there is a disruption of law and order at the polling unit, the security personnel do not see the need to help them find safety except for the individuals with human feelings.
Mr Mallo also called on the election body and all non-governmental organisations to find measures where persons living with disability can be included in the electioneering process and also be safe guarded.

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